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My hubby made a classic statement yesterday - he commented on one of the nurses who lives behind the hospital next door to us. His comment was pretty much off the cuff, low key and innocent - just that she is almost hyperactive (this past weekend she has managed to paint one of the rooms in the hospital, mow the lawns and weed the garden, and waterblast their house). I could have decked him.

Just when I was feeling like a lethargic perpetually tired overweight whale who never seemed to be able to get on top of things (I had to have a nap Saturday afternoon). I just replied that she is healthy, fit and her children are older (like 11, 10 and 5). I would so love to water blast our place and have the energy to sort out the garden as well as look fabulously slim and fit but it is not so easy at 7 months pregnant with a 5 yr old and 13 month old to keep happy.

Maybe I will tell him tonight how close he was to ending up prone!

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Our 3 year old can count to 20! Totally out of the blue in a store restroom last month he started counting and got all the way to 20 - admittedly he missed out a number around about 8 or 9 but he got the rest okay. We had only ever heard him count to 12 before. Had me holding my breath as the numbers climbed and blew me away every time he said another one. He adores his 6 year old cousin Olivia and she loves teaching him so I guess that is where he picked it up from. Now he will start counting from say 21 to 29, 51 to 59. Totally unreal.

His playgroup teacher has also given him some cards and homemade books to 'read' and he is now totally into them - somehow it all fell into place for him this week. He loves picking the books up and reading to us or making sentences with the cards. So what are the words he now reads? His name, Dad, Mum, I, am, a, Here, the. Makes for interesting sentences!

He can recognise and name the letters l, o, y, h, t, n, m, and the numbers 0 - 8. Known shapes include the square, rectangle, circle, oval, triangle, pentagon, cone, star, diamond.

He is not so keen on picking up a pen and writing but I am sure that will come in time.

We have just returned from an outing to watch the local school kids run their cross country races and the wee guy is fast asleep in the truck.

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How far along are you ? 29 weeks today

What symptoms are you experiencing ? Healthy pregnancy ones

How are you feeling ? Great. Had a couple of rough days when things just seemed to mount up - but with some time, an understanding hubby and a reasonable nights sleep everything is back in perspective again.

Any Dr. Appointments / ultrasounds / tests this coming week ? Will have to schedule another 'midwife' visit with my husband next week. I'm guessing just for the usual BP and FH.

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc) ? My Dad is still holding in with us and I've been keeping in regular contact with my family by phone and email.

It is good to be home and finally knocking off some tasks. Still to finish sorting out the wee bean's bedroom and clothes. I've washed most of the pieces we should be needing for the first 6 months but need to get them put away. Have yet to finalise babe's possible names (only 77 days to go!)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Three cousins all three years old and born within 2 months of each other - the tiny one in the middle is the oldest!

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Copy of post to January 06 babies

How far along are you ? 28 weeks 1 day. Time is flying. I love being pregnant but am really looking forward to the day we can hold our little one in our arms.

What symptoms are you experiencing ? Big belly, little wriggles from time to time (no regular pattern), the odd uncomfortable twinge, tiredness - but ALL GREAT - just reminders that this is finally happening!

How are you feeling ? Great pregnancy wise

Any Dr. Appointments / ultrasounds / tests this past week and how did they go ? Saw our mainland midwife on Thursday. Blood pressure was up a bit 128/69 but that may have been because some clown in a neighbouring lane decided to aggressively change lanes and a little evasive action was needed on the way to the clinic. Polycose test measured an okay 5.9, liver and renal function was okay, iron was a little low (despite taking iron tabs). Have put on around 7kgs - I'm guessing 15lbs. TPS measuring 9 still.

Wee bean had moved from the breech position s/he had been in the previous week to head down (though from the location of all the little kicks I would guess has spun around again). Our babe also measured 28 weeks (at 27 weeks 2 days) so is growing well.

Any Dr. Appointments / ultrasounds / tests this coming week ? No. Next appointment is due in 2 weeks time. I wonder, just wonder who I will be seeing then. The health board still haven't got their act together here.

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc) ? Our wee guy and I flew home to be with hubby yesterday. It meant we had to say goodbye to my family. Either way it wouldn't have been the 100% right thing to do. But a decision had to be made and I'm comfortable with this one. Just have to concentrate on getting things achieved/knocked off in case we need to depart again soon.

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I squeezed in the Polycose test this past Thursday and got in a visit to our mainland (and currently only) midwife. GT was 5.9 so good, liver and renal function good, but iron down at 101 despite taking iron tabs. I just need to keep on with the iron tabs. I'd hate to think how I would be feeling without - they made such a difference first time around.

Babe was head down so has spun around sometime in the past 10 days. I would have thought that I would have felt something like that happening. Perhaps I was asleep! Babe's heart beat was fine. I didn't ask what the rate was. Babe is growing well, measuring 28 weeks at 27 weeks 2 days compared to 27 weeks at 25 weeks 6 days. My belly is a huge round ball.

My blood pressure was 128/69 so up a bit from the usual. Perhaps a trend ? or perhaps because some clown decided to change lines beside me while I was driving to the clinic. Would have been better if he had looked first. Luckily a little evasive action did the trick and we didn't collide.

TPs measures around 9 - give or take a little because I'm not sure how the tp compares to that of ours at home.

I managed yesterday to get a flight home for the little guy and myself next week. Was a little sad that we managed to get booked on as I don't want to leave my folks and family. But then I want to see my husband and get home so I can get things ready for our new babe.

Going or staying - neither feels like the right move at the moment. Hubby is wonderfully reassuring saying that I just need to make a decision and accept that it won't be 100% right and not to beat myself up about it.

Feeling sad, indecisive and tired.
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How far along are you ? 27 weeks 1 day

What symptoms are you experiencing ? Big belly (but just sometimes I forget its there!), little flutters (to remind me what is going on), an uncomfy back (usually towards the end of the day). But all great!!!

How are you feeling ? Fine. Was emotional on Monday.

Any Dr. Appointments / ultrasounds / tests this past week and how did they go ? This past week...no not since the last post. Met my Dad's GP again yesterday. At least he said hello instead of running for the door this time. His bedside manner leaves a bit to be desired.

Any Dr. Appointments / ultrasounds / tests this coming week ? No appointments as such organised at the moment. But I do have to fit in the Polycose test soon (perhaps tomorrow) and another visit to our midwife (perhaps Friday - Monday is a public holiday). However, I only need to get the test done at 28 weeks and before we go home - and at the moment all the flights are filled up until next month or as good as. We need two seats and at the most there is only 1 seat on any 1 flight.

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc) ? Hubby has gone home. We dropped him off at the airport on Monday and I was a blubbering mess (and so was the little guy). I'm not usually like that - we have had lots of practice considering we used to live 3 hours + drive apart. I want to go home. I want to spend more time with my hubby and to get things sorted for this babe. But I also don't want to leave my Dad. He seems to be holding his place at the moment but just little things happen that remind us that he is on a slippery slope.
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How far along are you ? 26 wks 1 day

What symptoms are you experiencing ? The usual big belly, little flutters, occasional tight belly (probably needs a good stretch to allow more space!), uncomfortable back.

How are you feeling ? Great!

Any Dr. Appointments / ultrasounds / tests this past week and how did they go ? Yes, saw our midwife on Monday. FHR around 130 bpm and fluctuating, BP 115/64 or close to it anyway. We are measuring at 27 weeks. Our midwife is guessing this wee bean will be about the same size as our first - 3.4kg (7 and half lb). I wonder if it will have the same size big head??!

Any Dr. Appointments / ultrasounds / tests this coming week ? Just have to get the Polycose test done before we head home whenever that will be.

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc) ? Hubby has joined us for the week - well actually he is here doing a course so we get to spend evenings together.

We've been visiting our folks almost every day. Dad has his ups and downs. As do the rest of us.

My husband has a new niece, Lucille Catherine, in SA. He doesn't know it yet but his sister just emailed us on behalf of their brother. Aren't big families great.
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Today I have three (well, I suppose really four) little munchkins to take care of. My sister has gone up to my folks to help with Dad's care so I am looking after her two little girls (3 and 6) along with our little fellow (3) and the wee bean on board. Could get rather interesting! Thankfully the 6 year old is pretty reliable and all are pretty well behaved (most of the time :) ). Aagh, I'm not so sure I would have been so keen to volunteer if they had all been feral!

My hubby flies in from the island today so we have to travel into the city to meet him early in the afternoon. Might sneak in some shopping beforehand if I can get organised in time! Hubby has a PRIME course to do next week - 5 days 12 hours or so a day + study. But at least we will actually get to see him.

Time to make breakfast and snack boxes..........
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How far along are you ? 25 weeks 2 days

What symptoms are you experiencing ? The usual - all good. Though, I got rather short of breath after the flights over to the mainland. Struggled to comfortably maintain a conversation! I never had our first wee guy pushing on my bladder or squishing my lungs but this wee bean does. I think it didn't help that the seats were all on an uncomfortable angle, the 2 flights took 3 hours and the plane was too small to get up and walk around in.

How are you feeling ? Good. Just got to keep taking the iron tabs and staying low GI - especially for breakfast.

Any Dr. Appointments / ultrasounds / tests this coming week ? Yes, I get to see our mainland midwife next Monday (yippy - she is so sweet). Sometime next week I get the dubious pleasure of doing the GTT. A bit early but our midwife wanted it done here and we were originally only going to be on the mainland for this coming week.

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc) ? Trying to spend time with my folks but have only managed one afternoon so far. The plane was delayed so we arrived in late and I was tuckered out. Then yesterday Dad was exhausted so visitors were restricted. Hopefully today we will get to spend some time with him. Good chance he will be asleep though. At least then he is at peace.
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